Welcome to Future Fighters™ and the new world of “Gaming with Purpose”

Future Fighters™ is an app-based gaming platform set out to create an alternative in the way gaming can be viewed, played, and integrated into one’s life. It began as a way to reach the masses through social media and mobile gaming that will not only educate but also inspire and be the start of a real movement. Future Fighters™ will take a player on a journey through stunning real-world environments with 3D visuals. Manta, your underwater guide, will inform and educate as you explore deep into the unknown and see the many pollution issues in our oceans, waterways, air and on land.

"Future fighters is a really amazing up and coming concept that allows my generation to be exposed to the environmental concerns we are facing today on our planet, by allowing us have a voice and opportunity to take control of our future in a new and exciting way!"

- Rilee Day


APP Features

The Mission

You are tasked with using your skills, ideas and technological know-how to help eradicate the dangers caused by humanity that threaten...
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Game Functionality

Game Functionality

We’ve created stunning underwater 3D environments for you to go on epic adventures through the deep seas and shallow waters of...
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Gaming with Purpose

Gaming with Purpose

We all enjoy gaming and entertainment, so why can't we do this and create something good out of it? The more you play...
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Please visit our Indiegogo campaign to help get Future Fighter launched and going viral so we can begin making a difference!
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Making an Impact

We've spent the majority of our lives in creating business opportunities that have a social and environmental impact...
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Got an Idea

Got an Idea?

Once a year, we will hold the Future Fighters Game Changer contest. If you have some ideas through playing Future Fighters...
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Get Gear

Get Gear

Spread the word and support the cause. Get your Future Fighter t-shirts, hats & sweatshirts to show your support and...
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